bookmark_borderThe Benefits of Domino


Domino is a collaborative programming tool. Its centralized storage and code execution facilitate collaboration and sharing. Users can enforce access controls, detect conflicts, and receive notifications of changes made to code. The results can be served on the web or shared with other users. The game originated in Southeast Asia and is now used by many developers around the world. Its benefits are numerous, and it’s worth spending some time learning more about it. Moreover, the game is free and open source, which makes it a popular choice for large scale development projects.


The game of dominoes has different variants in different regions of the world. Traditionally, each domino represented one of twenty-one results from a pair of six-sided dice. Later, Chinese sets introduced the concept of duplicate throws, and the dominoes themselves were longer. While the basic Sino-European version of domino is the most common variant, there are also many other variations that use dominoes.