How to Play No-Peek and Double Attack in Blackjack


If you have two cards with equal value, such as an Ace and a 10 or a King and Queen, you can split these into two separate hands. Two 10’s and an Ace are a decent hand. Your goal in Blackjack is to get as close to 21 as you can. In some situations, you can play four’s together, as they give you a decent hand of 19.

Double Exposure

In the game of blackjack, one of the most popular variations is called Double Exposure. In this variation, the dealer receives two cards, one face-up and one hidden behind the player’s back. If you get a blackjack, you must beat the dealer and make the best hand of the game. To win, you must get 21 points. You can earn a higher payout by getting a higher hand value than the dealer.

Double Attack

In Blackjack, you can play a variant known as Double Attack. It pays out when the dealer busts on three cards or less. In order to make this wager, you must master two different strategies: knowing when to double bet, and knowing how to play the hand. Double Attack in Blackjack is one of the most popular types of blackjack games. This type of variant is especially popular with online casinos. Here are some of the basic strategies:


The first step in learning how to play No-Peek blackjack is to study the poker hand rankings. The poker hand rankings chart is available in PDF format. This chart explains how to play the game, and includes examples for both beginners and advanced players. Keeping track of these rankings will help you stay on top of the game and increase your odds of winning. You can also read this article on inducing action in home games. It explains how to play seven card no peek.


The standard rules of blackjack allow players to split hands up to three times. Splitting is possible when the player has two identical cards, known as pairs. In this case, a player plays with two hands and receives an additional card from the dealer after each hand. Blackjack splitting can be beneficial to you if you have a strong hand, but not if you don’t have a strong hand. You should check the rules before playing to be sure you understand how the game works.


If you enjoy the thrill of playing blackjack, you may want to consider getting blackjack insurance. While it may sound a bit like investing, it can protect you against various financial pitfalls. You may even be able to get a cash bonus on your first night! But, is it worth the risk? We’ll take a closer look at this option to learn more. Below are some of the benefits of blackjack insurance. This type of insurance is often a necessity for those who play at high-risk casinos.

Even money bets

While the even money bet on blackjack is a terrible idea, it can sometimes be the best choice if you have a lot of money to spend. This type of bet is often called the “sucker bet,” and it will usually give you a slight advantage if you get a blackjack. This bet is not recommended for beginners because it offers lower odds than the true odds. In addition, it doesn’t allow you to split the winnings as much as you would in a regular blackjack game.

Bonus payouts

Blackjack bonus payouts are money you receive in exchange for making a deposit at a casino. These are similar to retail coupon codes. They are a string of letters and numbers that you must input when depositing or cashing out a bonus. The casino will then credit your account. You must wager a certain amount of money to cash out your bonus. Typically, this wagering requirement is between five and ten percent. There are some instances when you may be able to cash out the bonus money without wagering any money at all.