MMA Betting 101

MMA betting is an exciting way to wager on a fighter’s victory in a mixed martial arts (MMA) fight. This sport has a dazzling mix of athleticism, discipline, and raw power that draws in fans from all walks of life.

There are many types of MMA bets to choose from, including moneyline/match bets, over/under bets, and parlays. Knowing the different bet types and avoiding common mistakes will help you become an MMA betting pro.


One of the most lucrative MMA bets is betting on props. These bets typically include things like how many rounds a fight will last, whether it will end in a knockout or technical knockout, submission, or judge decision, and more.

The odds for these bets are set by the sportsbooks and can vary widely depending on how much public interest is currently around a fight. Generally, sportsbooks want to ensure that they are getting even money on both sides of the line. This can be a huge advantage to MMA bettors who know how to read the odds boards and understand the public’s perception of the sport.

Understanding a fighter’s history

A fighter’s recent results can play an important role in the way they perform inside the octagon. A recent loss to an opponent they haven’t fought in awhile can leave them mentally scarred and affect their confidence. This can cause them to make less effective and aggressive moves inside the ring, potentially hurting their chances of a win.

Knockout losses can also cause a fighter to slow down and lose their edge inside the octagon. This can affect their striking and their ability to control a fight from the ground.

Weight cut struggles

MMA has several weight classes and fighters often move up or down in their weight class depending on the level of competition they face. Some fighters can quickly bulk back up to their original weight class after a weigh-in while others struggle to get down to the right size.

Late weight cuts can also have a negative effect on a fighter’s health and performance, leaving them drained and weak before a fight begins. This is why bettors should always note a fighter’s true weight class before placing a bet.


Another major factor for MMA betting is a fighter’s takedowns. Landing these carries significant points in the judges’ eyes and shows dominance in the octagon.

If a fighter has a number of takedowns in a single round, it’s usually a good sign that they are dominant and can cause trouble for their opponent.

In some cases, a fighter’s takedowns can lead to a split decision or even a majority decision in the fight. This type of outcome doesn’t happen often, but it can still carry a high payout.

If you’re a novice to the sport, you can get started by checking out the odds boards for the latest UFC and Bellator events. These will show you which fighters are favored in each matchup, and give you an idea of the type of bets you can place on each event.