Types of Dominoes Sets


The game of dominoes belongs to the family of tile-based games. Its rectangular tiles have two square ends marked with numbers indicating the number of spots on each side. The goal of the game is to score points by placing a single domino on each end of the board. This game requires a minimum number of players, usually four. If you’re playing for money, you may want to increase your bets by increasing the number of tiles you play with.

Double-nine set of 55 tiles

A set of Double-Nine Dominoes consists of 55 hand-painted pieces. The Double-Nine set is played with four players, each picking 12 tiles. The ten spotted suits are numbered 0-9 and are represented by the number of spots on each tile. Hence, a set of Double-Nine dominoes can include any combination of spots and pips.

Double-six set of 28 tiles

There are many types of domino sets. The most popular sets are the Double-six set of 28 tiles and the Double-nine set of 55 tiles. Larger sets are more popular for games that involve multiple players or a long domino game. Most domino games are either block or layout games. To calculate the winning hand, count the pips on the losing player’s hand. If one player has more tiles than the other, he wins.

Double-nine set of 21 singles

A double-nine set of 21 singles domina is a more challenging variant of the game. The players are given 55 dominoes, with one to nine colored dots on each end. This variation requires nine tiles at the start of the game. The number of games that can be played with a double-nine set of 21 singles depends on how many players are playing. This set of dominoes is perfect for four to six players.

Double-nine set of 28 tiles

A Double-nine set of 28 tiles is a popular set of dominoes for adults and kids alike. The game features a standard double-nine set with an additional eleven tiles that represent 0-9, a “spinner” symbol, and a double “spinner” that matches any value. The Double-nine set also features an additional game board and scorecard.

Double-six set of 21 singles

Double-six sets of 21 singles dominoes contain all the possible combinations of halves. These have zero, three, four, or six dots on each half, which means that there are 28 total dominoes in this set. The number of dominoes in this set can vary depending on the size of the board, so it is important to be able to recognize each set’s pattern.